Fourteen Roses Business Management is a business management company based in Bali which aims to help accommodation businesses or start-up companies grow their business, raise market targets, and be ready to compete globally.


Fourteen Roses Business is inspired by the grandeur of a Hindu cultural value known as Tat Tvam Asi (literally meaning Thou Art That).

It is imbedded in the thoughts, behavior and actions of our entire team with the belief that every endeavor we undertake will have a positive outcome.

The management and staff of our company always prioritize their respective responsibilities by working creatively and innovatively to achieve success.

Vision and Mission

Fourteen Roses Business Management is committed to honesty, integrity, and
accountability while understanding clients' needs by creating meaningful and enriching
living experiences and also boosting business owners for raising lucrative returns on
investment in competitive global markets.

➢ We manage the implementation of operational standards, skills, and experience to
achieve business development targets.
➢ We are focused on bringing in more clients and driving repeat business for
business owners.
➢ Establish good relationship between owner and client.


We are committed facilitate both parties by building good relationships between business
owners and clients and also provides a win-win solution for both parties so that both
parties build mutual benefits, such as:

  • Conduct training to prepare quality human resources so that they can attract more
    clients and also can provide quality services so that clients can use Fourteen
    Roses Business Management services repeatedly and the owner also benefits.
  • Provide one stop shopping facilities for clients, so that the services needed by
    clients are fulfilled.
  • Facilitate if there is a discontinuity of the relationship between owner and client
    which prioritizes negotiation.
  • Provide detailed explanations to owners and clients related to the business and
    services needed.
  • Fourteen Roses Business Management staff also follow global business
    developments and issues by participating in seminars or counseling held by the
Business Value:

With expert experience in the hospitality, entertainment, and marketing industries
Fourteen Roses Business Management can give a comfortable and pleasant
impression to clients or owners around their needs.
Our services such as:

  • Facilitate clients with several transportation options, such as pick-up services from
    the airport to the airport or vice versa, car rental services (can be with a driver or
    without a driver), and also motorbike rental services.
  • Facilitate clients with tour guides if desired.
  • Facilitate clients with several choices of spas that have cooperated with Fourteen
    Roses Business Management, either within the hotel or close to the hotel.
  • Facilitate clients with several choices of tourist attractions in Bali or in Indonesia
    that are likely to be the client's choice to visit along with details of the entrance fee.
  • Providing a choice of several restaurants and cafes both within the hotel and close
    to the hotel so that clients not only eat delicious food but also get good and friendly
    service in accordance with our business principles.
  • Facilitate owners with business development reports such as income statements,
    profit and loss balances, tax reports, and assist with licensing related to their


+62 812-3927-2844
+62 812-3927-2844
Jl. Raya Legian No.153, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

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